Choose from our great variety of Berlin ’95’s Signature Menu Items!  Always changing, always fresh!

Schnitzels on a Bun



Avocado Bacon Schnitzel

Chipotle Schnitzel

Chili or Garlic Mayo Schnitzel



Crazy German Schnitzel

Gypsy Schnitzel

Original Sauerkraut & Onion Schnitzel

Dinner Plates


Schnitzel Plates

Meatloaf Plates

Sausage Plates

Chevap Plates

And More…

Specialties on a Bun



Lamb Burgers

Pulled Pork on a Bun with Red Cabbage

Peameal on a Bun

Meatloaf on a Bun

And More…

Poutines & Fries



Berlin ’95’s Signature:

 German Poutine

Crazy German Poutine



Oktoberfest Poutine

Berlin 95’s Signature Seasoned Fries

New Poutines for 2016!

     Cheese Spaetzle




Sausages & Sliders


 Sausage on a bun

Super Sausage


Variety of Berlin 95’s Signature Sliders

Baked Potatoes









Vegan Spuds

Super Spuds

Salad and Wraps


“Munich” Salad

Specialty Salads

Berlin 95’s Signature Mixed Salads

Schnitzel Wraps

And More…

We at Berlin ’95 hope to see you soon!