Do you like Food?

Do you like good Food?

Do you like good, homemade Food?

Do you like good, homemade, well-priced Food?

Well problem solved, case closed  !!

Hello everyone, all you wonderful people!

Thank you kindly for your interest in my German Food Truck “Berlin’95” and for reading my page.  

Many of you may know me and my Company “The Scrumptious Spud Inc. “ already. My heart goes out to all my loyal customers. Thank you so much for your support.

For those of you who have just learned about me:  

My name is Christina Schal. I was born in Germany where my parents owned a Hotel. I did attend and graduate from the Hotelfachschule, Tegernsee.

Then Life sometimes take a different turn and the path that follows makes us to what we are today. In my case it was my Son and his many food incentivities that I founded my company “The Scrumptious Spud Inc”. in 2010  so that I could sell Loaded Baked Potatoes at Festivals and Special Events to everyone that had special dietary needs, or just wanted something good & wholesome.

Today after 4 years of Spuds going strong & having owned a small but very successful restaurant (I gave it up when my Father was diagnosed with Leukemia) I now own my very own German Food Truck “Berlin ‘95”!  I am happy as can be to make you really (and I mean really) good, homemade and well-priced Foods.


Traditionally German of course but with a totally modern twist.

It clearly takes more time to shop for fresh Product and Meats and it surely is more work to cook from scratch. But it is worth it and I love doing it !

Food is what fuels us, remember!

So look for me out there and check out the Menu. I hope to see you soon.

Please say “hi” when you see me.   

Stay healthy and safe!

Tschuess, bis bald